The dielectric properties of materials have come to play a fundamental role in the description of physical phenomena in many branches of modern science, technology, and engineering. Over the last several decades, the dynamic range covered by dielectric spectroscopy has been expanded by a variety of experimental techniques, so that various relaxation and resonance processes of dipolar, ionic, and many other materials can be measured over an extremely wide range of characteristic times or frequencies, covering 1 year to the THz regime. As a result, these techniques now occupy a special place among numerous modern methods used in physical and chemical analyses of materials. Since dielectric spectroscopy measures the amplitude and time evolution of material polarization, this technique provides access to properties such as permittivity and conductivity and can reveal intermolecular interactions and their role in molecular and ionic cooperative processes. Therefore, dielectric spectroscopy provides a link between the microscopic structure and motion of the individual constituents of complex material and its bulk properties. The recent developments of time-domain and nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy have significantly broadened the role of this technique as an effective tool for structural and dynamical investigation in solids and liquids on different spatial scales. Considering the multidisciplinary approach and the broad set of applications of the technique, this meeting is open also to researchers outside of the dielectric community whose research could start new synergies at both experimental and theoretical levels.


 IDS-2021 online meeting will span over four days 6-9 Sep 2021.

Time schedule is all days from 15:30 h to 19:00 h (Central European Summer Time)

We will offer:

  • Invited talks, invited short talks for young researchers, and poster sessions. The talks will be recorded and available after one week of delivery to all the interested attendants (only for registered participants).
  • In a ‘Moodle’ session, poster-like presentations (including videos and other complementary information) will be accessible for all attendants along the 4 days.
  • Forums will be open to all the participants where they can exchange ideas throughout the meeting.