Abstract Submission

The workshop allows:

    • Invited talks                                                          20 min + 10 min for discussion.
    • Invited Young Researchers’ Session (YRS)       10 min  + 2 min for questions.
    • Posters (see below)


ABSTRACTS Abstract submission deadline is May 31th, 2020. Please, send us an email also if you plan to attend the meeting without a contribution.

To submit a contribution please follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a one-page abstract using this file: template
  2. Save your abstract file with the name author-invited.doc, author-short.doc or author-poster.doc depending on your preferred contribution mode (invited talk, short talk for young researchers or poster).
  3. Email your abstract (as an attachment in author-invitedtalk.doc or author-poster.doc) to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. You will receive a link to do the registration by email. 


POSTERSPosters will have space in the platform Moodle. The space in Moodle includes:  

    • Poster in jpeg and pdf formats.
    • A short video (optional), maximum of 2 minutes.
    • A Forum continuously opens during the whole conference, where every participant can write questions, comments or suggestions.

As soon as you get the acceptance message for your abstract, you will be able to submit your poster.

Prepare your poster and create a folder containing:  

•A jpeg document of the poster (size: A3), named 'YourName.jpeg'

•A pdf document of the poster (size: A3), named 'YourName.pdf'

•A video with a short presentation (optional), mp4 format, maximum: 2 minutes, named 'YourName.mp4'

You will receive the acceptance message for your abstract with a form to fill in, where you will include a link so that we can have access to your files (google drive, dropbox, we transfer...).